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Principal Investigator: Prof. Klaus Moelmer

The University of Aarhus is a leading research university with approximately 30000 students. The University is ranked 63 in the Times Higher Education Supplement international ranking of universities, and it carries out visible and highly recognized research in all branches of science, recognized most significantly by the Nobel price in chemistry in 1997 to Jens Chr. Skov, and numerous national and international awards to its scientific staff.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy, which has a permanent staff of 40 scientists, was historically built on experimental research strengths in atomic collision physics and in solid state physics, while research in the last two decades has evolved more towards quantum optics, laser science and nanoscience, for which it has held prestigious research grants.

The Theoretical Quantum Optics group in Aarhus is headed by Professor Klaus Mølmer.

Following major National Research Foundation grants in 2001-2006, in 2006 he was awarded a grant of 20 Mkr (appr. 2.6 M€) from the private Lundbeck Foundation to lead a quantum theory research center. The focus of this center is on quantum optics, quantum information, quantum gas and light-atom interaction research, and in particular the original Aarhus proposal of collective encoding of quantum information in large ensembles of identical particles is highly relevant for the current proposal [1,2]. He has generalized the collective coding ideas to hybrid system proposals with molecules and solid electron and nuclear spins in stripline cavities [3,4]. Also relevant to MALICIA, Mølmer has developed multi-mode theories for heralded generation of non-classical light [5] and for interfacing and probing large atomic ensembles with light [6].

 AU group is currently involved in EU project AQUTE.

 AU group

Klaus Mølmer, Group Leader and Professor

TBA* Post Doc