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European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy – http://www.lens.unifi.it/

Principal investigator: Prof. Francesco Saverio Cataliotti

The European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy (LENS) is the largest interdisciplinary laser laboratory in Italy and is part of a European network of large scale laser facilities. LENS is associated with the University of Florence, and was established in 1991 as a European scientific research centre, to provide advanced laser and spectroscopic facilities for researchers from European countries and to promote and facilitate the exchange of ideas, scientific techniques, and technical skills. Several European universities have participated in the organization of LENS, through agreements with the University of Florence.

The experimental activity of BEC is pursued at LENS where the group has performed seminal experiments in 1D optical lattice, highlighting the analogy between multiple BECs trapped in adjacent sites of a 1D optical lattice and an array of Josephson junctions [1]. We were among the first to investigate the transport properties in 1D optical lattices [2] and we provided crucial contribution to the elucidation of the relevant dissipation mechanisms, such as the dynamical- and the Landau- instabilities [3]. We were also among the first groups to investigate electromagnetically induced transparency across the BEC transition [4] and proposed different schemes for quantum logic gates involving ultracold atoms [5,6]. More recently we gained experience on AtomChips [7] and proposed an original scheme for entangling atoms and photons [7].

LENS group

LENS group is currently involved in EU projects CHIMONO, CHIST-ERA, AQUTE and Erasmus Mundus Europhotonics Doctorate.

Francesco Saverio Cataliotti has a long standing experience in the field of degenerate atoms and has locally coordinated the EU-RTN “Atom Chips” (MRTN-505032) and the Italian national efforts in the field of “AtomChips” (INFN-SQUAT, INFN-SQUAT Super). Currently he is coordinating project CHIMONO ( EU-FP7). He is author of 53 research papers and 17 book contributions that have received more than 1600 citations with an h-factor of 19.

The contribution of LENS to the MALICIA project will be the based on our experience with experimental realizations of quantum interference in ultracold gases and on the characterization of states in quantum degenerate gases. We will implement a BEC on an atom chip with good optical access and use methodologies proposed by our partners to transfer entanglement from light to atomic systems. Such entanglement will also be used as a resource to measure quantum properties in quantum degenerate gases.

Mohamed Shahid Cherukkattil (researcher)

Andrea Tabani (researcher)

Giacomo Mazzamuto (researcher)

SafouraSsadat Mirkhalaf (researcher)



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