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Principal Investigator: Prof. Eugene Polzik


The Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen is one of the institutions where foundations of quantum mechanics have been laid down. The Institute is a part of the Faculty of Science of Copenhagen University with strong traditions of research in various fields of theoretical and experimental physics. The Quantum Optics Laboratory is a part of the Danish National Research Foundation Centre for Quantum Optics (QUANTOP). The group works at the forefront of the research in quantum information processing with photons and atoms. In 1998, in collaboration with the Caltech team, the quantum teleportation of a continuous variable state of light has been experimentally demonstrated. Since 1997, the group pioneered a new approach to the quantum interface between light and atoms using optically thick atomic ensembles. The group achieved a number of milestones: 1999, the first experimental demonstration of spin squeezing of a macroscopic atomic ensemble; 2001, the first experimental observation of entanglement generated between two separate atomic ensembles – a cornerstone for teleportation and other quantum protocols with atomic ensembles and light; 2004, the first quantum memory for continuous variables of light; 2006, realization of the first inter-species quantum teleportation from a light beam onto an atomic ensemble. In 2008 the group made the first step towards demonstration of entanglement-assisted metrology with a spin squeezed state in an atomic clock. The UCPH node will work towards the following goals: design and manufacturing of integrated micro-memories with Caesium in spin-protected environment; demonstration of basic quantum communication protocols with integrated memories, such as multi-partite entanglement and teleportation.

Prof. Eugene Polzik: Group leader. Eugene Polzik has earned his Master and PhD degrees in experimental atomic physics from the University of St. Petersburg in 1976 and 1980 respectively. From 1990 to 1995, he worked at Caltech where he has performed the first experiments interfacing atoms with nonclassical light. From 1993 to 2002, E. Polzik has been the head of the Quantum Optics Laboratory at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. Since January 2003, his Laboratory moved to the Niels Bohr Institute. Eugene Polzik received the Danish Physical Society Prize in 1999. He is a Fellow of American Physical Society (2008), Fellow of the Optical Society of America (2007), Fellow of the Institute of Physics, UK (2005), member of the Danish Royal Academy of Science, and Gordon Moore Distinguished Scholar (2010). Since 2001 he is Director of the Danish Quantum Optics Center (QUANTOP).

UCPH is now involved in EU-FP7 projects Q-ESSENCE, COMPAS, COQUIT, HIDEAS 

UCPH Group

Eugene Polzik Professor (Group Leader)

Hanna Krauter (Post Doctoral Researcher)

Jonas Meyer Petersen (PhD student)

Daniel Salart Subils (PhD student)