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Principal Investigator: Prof. Tommaso Calarco

The theory group at the Institute for Quantum Information Processing was established at the end of 2007 when Tommaso Calarco took up a professor position in Ulm. T. Calarco’s expertise concerns specifically the coherent control of systems of direct experimental relevance for quantum logic devices, ranging from trapped atoms and ions tosuperconducting systems. T. Calarco and S. Montangero have pioneered the application of quantum optimal control methods to quantum computation, establishing collaborations with major research groups worldwide in both fields. More recently, the group started a line of research toward coherent control of many-body quantum systems, developing the first known method that allows for optimal non adiabatic control of a quantum phase transition [1].T. Calarco is a member of the joint research effort SFB/TRR21 entitled “Controlled quantum correlations in tailored matter” which is coordinated by the Stuttgart group, thereby providing already established opportunities for collaboration. He is the coordinator of the European QIPC Roadmap and the chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ERA-Net CHISTERA. His group is presently composed of an assistant, four postdocs, one Ph.D.student and one diploma student.

UULM group is currently involved in EU projects AQUTE, QUIE2T, PICC, DIAMANT, MALICIA, QIBEC.

 UULM Group

 The people directly involved in the MALICIA project are:

 Tommaso Calarco: Professor and Group leader

 Simone Montangero: Senior scientist, assistant to Professor Calarco

 Ludmila Praxmeyer: Postdoctoral employee

 Matthias M. Müller: PhD student


UULM participates in the following Work packages: WP1 (Rydberg blockaded ensembles), WP3 (Quantum gases), and WP4 (Quantum interfaces).Further information about the Group can be found at the following link:http://www.uni-ulm.de/nawi/nawi-qiv.html



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M. M.Müller, H. R.Haakh, T. Calarco, C. P.Koch, C. Henkel, Prospects for fast Rydberg gates on an atom chip, arXiv:1104.2739v1, should appear on special issue “Quantum Information with Neutral Particles” of “Quantum Information Processing”

M. M. Müller, D.M. Reich, M. Murphy, H. Yuan, J. Vala, K.B. Whaley, T. Calarco, C.P. Koch, Optimizing entangling quantum gates for physical system, arXiv: 1104.2337, accepted in PRA